Three Ways An Eco-Friendly Burial Can Help The Environment


If you're pre-planning your funeral and one of your criteria is eco-friendly procedures and materials, a green burial might be for you. These eco-friendly burials have grown in popularity due to their low impact on the environment and the way they allow the remains to rest naturally in the ground, often in a scenic, natural habitat. Here are three ways that you can help the environment by choosing this option for your own funeral.

7 October 2016

Looking For Someone To Give The Eulogy For A Child? How To Choose The Right Person


It is hard to fathom anything more tragic than the death of a child. The loss of such a young life can affect the entire community who cared about the child. While parents are typically far too grief-stricken to even think about giving a eulogy at the funeral, choosing who should give the eulogy at a child's funeral can be a tricky task. After all, the immediately family are going to be the ones who know the child best, and it can be hard to speak about a child's life since there is so much that someone so young needs to discover about themselves.

5 August 2016

Planning A Funeral Luncheon: Five Helpful Hints


Hosting a funeral luncheon offers a nice way for close friends and family members to gather after a funeral or memorial service. Planning the meal in advance will help to make the day go a bit more smoothly for you. Here are just a few suggestions to help make the luncheon a comforting and pleasant experience. Ask The Funeral Director For Help Funeral directors typically know about the best locations nearby to host a funeral luncheon, which is particularly helpful if you are not from the area where the services will be held.

27 July 2016

Helpful Suggestions For Saving Money On The Cost Of A Funeral


If you have found yourself in charge of planning and paying for a funeral, you might start to wonder how you can save some money. To help you do that, you will want to take a few moments to read over the following suggestions.  Shop Elsewhere For A Casket While you can shop for casket from the selection that is available at the funeral home, you might be able to find a better deal elsewhere.

13 July 2016

Five Things You Need to Consider When Picking Out a Headstone


If someone close to you has died recently, one of the last things you need to do to complete their end-of-life arrangements is to choose a headstone or grave marker. These stones can vary from elaborate memorials to simple, small stones with the birth and death dates. You can even have pictures etched into the stone. However, before you contact a company that makes headstones, it's important to consider a few critical elements.

1 July 2016

Two Common Cremation Questions Answered


Arranging for a loved one's funeral service can be one of the least pleasant and most stressful aspects of life. However, this can be an essential step to giving a loved one the farewell they wanted and deserved. For those that are not particularly knowledgeable when it comes to cremation, having the following questions answered may help to clarify what to expect from this process. How Does Prepaying For A Cremation Work?

6 June 2016

Honoring Your Loved Ones With A Mausoleum


A mausoleum provides you with an elegant, sophisticated option for the burial and internment of loved ones who have passed. Rather than a traditional gravesite, mausoleums offer you an above-ground option to permanently memorialize the deceased. If you've been considering a mausoleum rather than a traditional burial plot, read on to learn more about what these special monuments can provide. Customization You can contact your local graveyard or monument and headstone dealer to have a professionally-designed, custom mausoleum built.

3 June 2016

Answering A Few Important Questions About Cremation


Overseeing the final arrangements of a deceased loved one can be one of the more unpleasant aspects of life that you will have to handle. While many people automatically assume that a traditional burial will be the best option, cremation can be a viable solution for those needing a more economical option. Once you have learned the following few answers to common cremation questions, you will be better informed about this option.

20 May 2016

3 Ways For You, Family Members, And Friends To Commemorate The Life Of A Recently Deceased Relative


If one of your elderly relatives recently passed away and you are responsible for preparing an intimate memorial service for family and friends to attend, the following ideas can be used to commemorate the life of your loved one during the event. Each of the suggestions will help you and the guests honor the individual who has passed and help everyone remember some of the special moments in their life.

10 May 2016

Four Ways To Turn Any Wake Into A Celebration Of Someone's Life


A wake is supposed to be a time for a family to get together to celebrate the life of someone that they have recently lost. Many people look at wakes as events that are sad and filled with tears. That is not the way that a wake has to go though. Learn how to make your loved one's wake a time of celebration rather than a time of mourning with help from the guide that follows.

22 April 2016