Decisions You Will Need to Make When Planning a Funeral

After my father passed away suddenly, my mother, siblings and I all struggled with planning his funeral. We were already in a state of shock and sorrow, and then we were overwhelmed with the options and decisions we had to make in regards to the funeral. Luckily for us, we worked with an amazing funeral home and funeral director who helped guide us through the process. I know how hard it is to plan a funeral and how many decisions need to be made. This website was created in order to give families preparing to lay a loved one to rest a guide of sorts that will help them determine what decisions will need to be made and information about those decisions. I extend my sympathies to you if you are in this position and hope my website helps to make things a little bit easier for you.

Four Ways To Turn Any Wake Into A Celebration Of Someone's Life


A wake is supposed to be a time for a family to get together to celebrate the life of someone that they have recently lost. Many people look at wakes as events that are sad and filled with tears. That is not the way that a wake has to go though. Learn how to make your loved one's wake a time of celebration rather than a time of mourning with help from the guide that follows.

Consider Having Your Loved One Cremated

Cremation is a great option when someone passes away because there are so many different ways the family can share in saying goodbye to their loved one. You could have your loved one's ashes separated and placed into pieces of jewelry that each person could wear on a daily basis to remind them of the loved one who has passed. At the wake, the funeral home could set up a table where each person can choose the design they want for their piece of jewelry and on the day of the funeral everyone can hold their piece of your loved one as they hear wonderful things said about him or her. There are options available for men and women, making it perfect for every member of your family.

Consider a Creative Presentation of Your Loved One

Many people think that their loved one has to be lying in a coffin when people come to view him or her at the wake, if they do not choose cremation. That is not the case at all. You can display your loved one in any fashion that makes you feel most comfortable. Some people have had their loved one displayed in canoes, on couches, or even sitting in their favorite recliner.

Have Pictures of Great Times Everyone Had with Your Loved One

When people come to the wake, have numerous pictures of your loved one displayed. Invite others to bring their favorite pictures as well, so that you can all share the pictures with one another. You can use a computer scanner to scan the pictures that everyone brings and then burn them onto CDs to give out to friends and family.

Have Upbeat Music Playing in the Background

Your loved one would not want everyone to be sitting around, crying over them. Being able to remember the good times that everyone had with your loved one is a great way to honor them after their passing. Be sure that the music is kept at a low level so that everyone can still hear each other speak clearly.

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22 April 2016