Decisions You Will Need to Make When Planning a Funeral

After my father passed away suddenly, my mother, siblings and I all struggled with planning his funeral. We were already in a state of shock and sorrow, and then we were overwhelmed with the options and decisions we had to make in regards to the funeral. Luckily for us, we worked with an amazing funeral home and funeral director who helped guide us through the process. I know how hard it is to plan a funeral and how many decisions need to be made. This website was created in order to give families preparing to lay a loved one to rest a guide of sorts that will help them determine what decisions will need to be made and information about those decisions. I extend my sympathies to you if you are in this position and hope my website helps to make things a little bit easier for you.

Three Things To Know About Cremation


Choosing cremation can be an excellent option for a number of reasons. However, some people may be hesitant to choose this option simply because they don't know what's involved in the process. If you are considering cremation for a loved one, or if you are thinking about choosing it for your prepaid funeral plan, here are some things to know.

A Casket Is Not Required

One considerable expense when planning a burial funeral is the casket. When choosing cremation, a casket is not required. You can choose to purchase the combustible container made available by the crematory instead. This container is a simple structure that keeps the body contained during the cremation process. However, if you prefer the idea of your loved one still having a casket, there are special designs available that can be used for both the viewing and cremation process. Your funeral home director can help explain the choices and show you the different options available.

You Don't Need A Traditional Funeral

While most people expect that a traditional funeral service will take place after the loss of a loved one, cremation can actually provide more flexible options for hosting a memorial service, celebration of life, or even a funeral at a later date. You can choose direct cremation, which means that the remains go directly to the cremation society instead of to the funeral home for a viewing. This option is ideal if you are hoping to save money on funeral costs or if you are planning to hold a memorial service when the whole family can be present.

Urns Can Be Chosen Whenever You're Ready

Choosing an urn can be a difficult decision, particularly if you are planning to keep your loved one's cremains with you. Fortunately, you don't have to select an urn right away. The cremation society will provide a temporary container, which typically consists of a bag and box combination. You can use this container until you've chosen your urn. Your funeral home director can help you transition the cremains into the new urn once it's been selected so you don't have to. If purchasing an urn isn't in your budget, or if you simply can't decide on the perfect design right away, the temporary container can be the best option immediately after your loved one passes away.

Talk to your funeral home director or a cremation service like American Cremation Society (Ridgemoor Chapels) about the cremation process, and don't be afraid to ask lots of questions. Once you are satisfied that you have all the information, you can then make an informed decision about whether or not to choose cremation.


25 October 2018