Decisions You Will Need to Make When Planning a Funeral

After my father passed away suddenly, my mother, siblings and I all struggled with planning his funeral. We were already in a state of shock and sorrow, and then we were overwhelmed with the options and decisions we had to make in regards to the funeral. Luckily for us, we worked with an amazing funeral home and funeral director who helped guide us through the process. I know how hard it is to plan a funeral and how many decisions need to be made. This website was created in order to give families preparing to lay a loved one to rest a guide of sorts that will help them determine what decisions will need to be made and information about those decisions. I extend my sympathies to you if you are in this position and hope my website helps to make things a little bit easier for you.

3 Considerations When Planning A Funeral


Losing someone you love can be difficult. The whirlwind of emotions you are going through cannot be put into words. Your mind is going a million places at once trying to put everything into perspective and come to grips with the reality of the situation. One of the main elements of planning a funeral for your loved one is having to choose a funeral home. While this might seem like a daunting task with so many options out there, you can narrow down your choices by following these simple tips below. 

Ask what their maximum capacity is for the room where your service will be held.

A funeral home can be absolutely lovely and charming, but that isn't going to do you any good if they can only accommodate 50 visitors for the service when you anticipate having more than 200 attend. It is important that everyone be able to come and mourn the loss of their loved one. Not having adequate accommodations to handle your service should signal that you need to look elsewhere where they can accommodate your needs. The last thing you want is to turn someone away or have everyone trying to squish together just to try and fit into a room that is much too small.

Find out whether they are available on the days you want to have the showing and service.

Another thing you have to think about is whether they are going to be open and available on the days you would like to have the showing and service. While you cannot predict when you are going to lose a loved one, you can predict what day you want visitation to be and the day you want the funeral service to take place.  

See what their payment options are.

Paying for a funeral isn't exactly cheap. Depending on the casket, accessories, newspaper ad and more, the cost can add up pretty quickly. Many funeral homes have different payment plans available to those planning a funeral for their loved one. See if they are willing to work with you and allow you to make small monthly payments that work for your budget. If they want everything up front, that might mean you need to head somewhere else that is going to work for your financial situation.

By considering the information above, you can get through the funeral home selection process and on to planning the funeral for your loved one. Contact a local funeral home, such as Beeman-Patchak Funeral Home, for further assistance.


3 August 2015