Decisions You Will Need to Make When Planning a Funeral

After my father passed away suddenly, my mother, siblings and I all struggled with planning his funeral. We were already in a state of shock and sorrow, and then we were overwhelmed with the options and decisions we had to make in regards to the funeral. Luckily for us, we worked with an amazing funeral home and funeral director who helped guide us through the process. I know how hard it is to plan a funeral and how many decisions need to be made. This website was created in order to give families preparing to lay a loved one to rest a guide of sorts that will help them determine what decisions will need to be made and information about those decisions. I extend my sympathies to you if you are in this position and hope my website helps to make things a little bit easier for you.

3 Unique Ideas For Memorializing A Cremated Loved One


If a loved one has recently passed away and was cremated rather than given a traditional burial, then there's a good chance that you may have been given some of his or her ashes following the cremation service. And while keeping the remains in an urn is a common way of keeping the memory of your loved one alive, there are many other unique and creative options that may be better suited for honoring your loved one's memory.

Have Them Sewn Into a Stuffed Animal

One option that's becoming increasingly popular these days is that of sewing a small bag of your loved one's ashes into a stuffed animal. This can be much more intimate than keeping them in an urn, and is a great idea for children of the deceased loved one. You can choose to sew the ashes into a favorite stuffed animal yourself or have it done by a professional. Either way, this is a wonderful way to be able to keep your loved one close to your heart--literally and figuratively.

Hold Your Own Burial Ceremony

While many choose to have an official burial ceremony at a cemetery, where a loved one's remains are placed in a box and buried on a plot of land, a more intimate way of remembering a loved one could be to hold your own burial ceremony in your yard or elsewhere on your property. You can purchase boxes that are specifically designed for holding ashes when buried. You can even add decorative stones or even plant a garden around the burial location in his or her memory.

Scatter Them in a Significant Place

Finally, if there's a place that holds a great deal of significance to you and/or your deceased loved one, you might want to consider spreading some or all of their ashes at that location. This can be a thoughtful way to give your loved one a final resting place that he or she will love. Ash spreading is illegal in some areas, however, so you'll want to check and make sure you won't be breaking any laws by doing so before you make your decision.

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to go about memorializing your loved one who was cremated. From having ashes sewn into a stuffed animal to holding your own burial ceremony and scattering the ashes, any of these options are worth considering. Contact specialists, such as those from Ocean County Cremation Service, for further assistance.


19 March 2015